How to Create a Curated Look at Home

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How to Create a Curated Look at Home

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Curated look in home décor has gained popularity in recent years. Rather than matching everything perfectly and within one specific style, a curated look appears less planned and intentional. It looks like everything has been collected over the years and put together keenly. Everything complements each but does not look like it came for the same place. A curated look may seem challenging to achieve. However, it is easier than you can think. The tips here will help you create a curated look in your home.

Mix the New and the Old

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The contrast between new and old décor create an exciting look which does not seem planned. Instead like you have built it up over time, and this is the essence of a curated look. Vintage items will bring a lot of character to your space while the newer items will infuse it with a fresh vibe. Find a nice balance between the new and the old to capture a unique design which is all your own.

Combine Styles

The other way of switching up things is by combining various decorating styles. When you stick to a strict style, everything looks so intentional. But adding one other style to the mix even in a small way gives the décor more character. The more contrasting the styles are, the more interesting it will be, like a rustic décor with glamorous elements.

Think Outside the Box

Get creative with décor by using objects for things outside their original purpose. For instance, a garden pot can be turned into a charming holder for your cooking utensils which you sit out on the kitchen counter. Your large mason jar can hold toiletries like q-tips, and cotton balls. Designer shopping bags can be framed for some chic wall art. Try seeing things in a new light.

Mix Up Accent Chairs

curated homeIt is natural to think that everything needs to match in a literal way to look nice in a space. But, furniture and décor can complement each other without being exactly the same. The accent chairs are a good example. Try to swap them out to different styles to give your seating a more curated look. This works well in dining rooms, especially with two end chairs.

Choose Décor that you Love

This is rather obvious, but it is easy to get wrapped up trying to fill a space or choosing things which are the right color, style and shape without being in love with them. For a curated look which will feel like a reflection of you, focus on filling it with things that you genuinely love. It can take longer to finish the décor, but you will be satisfied with the result.

These are some of the tips for creating a curative look in your home. A curated look will make your home look great.