Popular Types of Home Water Purifiers

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Popular Types of Home Water Purifiers

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Clean drinking water is essential for your general well-being. Water harbors several impurities that may pose certain risks to your health. You should, therefore, make sure the water you drink is always clean. A home water purifier is one device you can buy to ensure you consume pure drinking water all the time.

You will come across various types in the market. Here is a review of the Best Water Purifier Under 10000 In India that can guide you in choosing the best type at an affordable price. Water purifiers may differ in their working mechanisms. We will look at different types and how they work.

Types of Home Water Purifiers

water purifiersThere is no single domestic water purifier, but you can find different types. The main differences lie in the filtering mechanisms and in the possible side effects that they can present, precisely with regard to health. So let’s see the main types that you find on the market :

The Filter Jugs

The filter jugs are real transparent jugs with a filter inside them. This device is composed of activated carbon to eliminate chlorine and all impurities, and ion exchange resin, to establish the hardness of the water. At first glance, this is the most comfortable home purifier, as well as the cheapest. However, keep in mind that you have to pay close attention to the filter, which wears out quickly and risks emitting ammonium and silver, harmful substances for your body. Furthermore, leaving the same water in the jug for a long time promotes the proliferation of bacteria.

Reverse Osmosis Purifier

domestic water purifiersThe reverse osmosis purifiers work well in domestic water with a high concentration of saline substances and nitrates. It is installed under your sink and works by hurling water forcefully through a membrane that holds unwanted particles.

Purifier With Activated Carbon Filters

The purifier with activated carbon filters is also used in city aqueducts. It eliminates chlorine and all harmful substances that may be present. It is installed under the tap in your home, although it is quite expensive and requires frequent maintenance and checks. As a rule, they are accompanied by ultraviolet lamps to prevent the emergence of bacteria.


simple microfilterThe microfiltration works in a somewhat different way than standard filtration and is limited to retaining the solid parts present in the water. It does this through a nylon or propylene membrane and serves above all to lighten what comes out of the tap, but it does not eliminate bacteria or chlorine.

Finally, if you like sparkling water, be aware that they may provide you with cans containing carbon dioxide and carbonate the bottle’s contents.